A5/S5/RS5 (B9)

CPA Chiptuning PowerBox Nitro - B9 Audi S4/S5 3.0T


CPA Chiptuning PowerBox Nitro - B9 Audi S4/S5 3.0T

Unleash the power and economy of your Audi - safely, easily and in minutes! With CPA Chiptuning's plug and play tuning kit you receive a specifically programmed module for your Audi S4/S5 (B9) 3.0 TFSI (S4) 354 HP. Harmony between the ECU and the tuning kit ensure all engine safety features are retained. Your PowerBox is easily removed, traceless and back at stock at any time. 

Purchase with confidence! Every CPA Chiptuning kit includes a lifetime product warranty.

Stock Power - 354 HP

CPA Power - 433 HP

Stock Torque - 369 Lb. Ft.

CPA Torque - 454 Lb. Ft.

Note: The performance data shown here represents maximum values achievable. The final power output depends on the serial engine tolerance, altitude and fuel quality (93 AKI, 98 RON recommended; 91AKI/95RON possible). We deliver the CPA-Chiptuning with a recommended setting for your vehicle. Performance is customizable. Please consult our support.

Testing on our in-house B9 S4 at Famoso dragway yielded the following results:

Stock results:

0-60 MPH: 4.556 Seconds
0-100 MPH: 11.150 Seconds
0-60 (1-FT Rollout): 4.196 Seconds
0-100 MPH (1-FT Rollout): 10.789 Seconds
Quarter Mile: 12.802 @ 107.68 MPH

CPA on F setting:

0-60 MPH: 4.043 Seconds
0-100 MPH: 9.861 Seconds
0-60 MPH (1-FT Rollout): 3.755 Seconds
0-100 MPH (1-FT Rollout): 9.573 Seconds
Quarter Mile: 12.203 @ 112.03 MPH

$ 659.00