EMD Auto OBD Flash Tuner Device

EMD Auto

EMD Auto OBD Flash Tuner Device

The EMD Auto Flash Tuner is a touch screen OBD programmer that allows you to read and write your ECU at your convenience. The device will take a read of your stock ECU file, as well as store up to 5 performance tunes. Other features include:

 - Touch screen interface

 - Stores stock ECU file to flash back to original programming

 - Stores up to 5 performance tunes

 - Reads and clears fault codes

Once set up, the Flash Tuner does not require a laptop, making it easy to flash between your difference files. Please note that the device is locked to one VIN, and when purchased from us, will only be compatible with tunes purchased through us.

This is a great option for those unable to visit our facility for tuning, or for customers looking for the ability to flash their vehicle on their own.

Price is for the Flash Tuner only, tunes must be purchased separately.

Currently supported vehicles include:

 - B5 A4/S4

 - C7 A6 / S6

 - C7 A7 / S7

 - 8V A3 / S3 / RS3

 - MK7 Golf / GTI / R

...and more (contact us for compatibility questions)

Device software for uploading files can be found here.

$ 249.00