Product Spotlight: CTS Turbo Intake for B8/B8.5 Audi S4, Q5 and SQ5

July 24, 2014 Emmanuele Design

July 24, 2014 - The CTS turbo intake kit for the Audi 3.0T engine is a simple bolt-on modification that adds 10-15 horsepower over the factory unit. The factory airbox on the 3.0T engine is not only of a restrictive design, but also acts as a baffle to keep supercharger noise to a minimum. By replacing the airbox with a free-flowing open element filter, you will not only benefit from greatly increased airflow, but you will also unleash that glorious supercharger "whine".

Why It Works

The supercharger on the Audi 3.0T engine is known as a positive displacement unit. It contains rotors, or lobes, that serve the function of compressing the intake air. By compressing the intake air charge, the motor benefits from air that is much denser than atmospheric pressure. This is reflected in what is known as boost pressure, and on a tuned 3.0T is will reach over 1.0 BAR over atmospheric pressure. In simple terms, more air equals more power

Going back to the lobes on the supercharger, each time they spin they will ingest a fixed volume of air. As such, if you can add more air into each revolution, or increase the density of the incoming air, you will ultimately make more power. The CTS intake helps this by allowing more air to come into the intake charge. Each time the supercharger lobes spin, there is more air to compress and thus you be forcing more air into the motor. This is also evidenced by boost pressure levels, as the CTS intake will typically increase boost pressure by over 1 psi.

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