Product Spotlight: GIAC/AWE Supercharger Pulley Kit

September 05, 2014 Emmanuele Design


September 5, 2014 - On a supercharged car, you rely on the supercharger to pressurize the intake air and ultimately create more power. The supercharger unit itself is driven off the engine's crankshaft, and typically spins 2-3 times for every engine revolution. As the supercharger spins faster (in relation to the engine speed) more intake air will be pressurized and more power will be  made. This is where the AWE Tuning supercharger pulley kit comes in...

    By incorporating a smaller diameter pulley, the supercharger will be overdriven and thus be able to produce more boost. Unfortunately, the technology in the factory ECU (engine control unit) is able to compensate for this, and will vent off the additional pressure over stock. This is where the team at GIAC comes in. By developing custom software, they are able to correctly reprogram the factory ECU to account for this added airflow, and the end result to the user is a reliable power increase.

    Sold as a package, the AWE pulley and GIAC software will increase the power in your Audi 3.0T by over 150 horsepower! This power output is enough to produce consistent 11-second quarter mile times to go with 0-60 mph times in the mid to high 3-seconds. Better yet, the AWE pulley looks identical to the stock supercharger pulley, meaning bystanders will think your car is "just another supercharged Audi." So when you're ready to take your Audi to another level of performance, contact us to upgrade to an AWE/GIAC pulley kit!