GIAC Software Is Now Available for the Volkswagen MKVII GTI

October 08, 2014 Emmanuele Design

October 8, 2014 - We are pleased to announce that GIAC performance software is now available for the Volkswagen GTI MKVII (2015+ model year). The MKVII GTI comes equipped with the "Gen-3" family of the popular 2.0 TSI engine. Besides having a largely different motor than the preceding MKVI GTI, the new model also has a completely different ECU. This required GIAC engineers to start all the way back at square one when developing performance software.
     Through rigorous testing on their own car, in addition to working with development partners around the globe, GIAC has created what we feel is the finest performance software available for this platform. While many companies will simply advertise large dyno numbers, GIAC remains focused on real-world performance. To ensure this, continued testing was performed in a variety of closed road course conditions. This testing led to a software upgrade that produces significantly quicker performance times, as evidenced by a 5.4 second improvement in the 62-124 mph sprint. In testing dozens of performance files, GIAC engineers found that producing a higher dyno number did not necessarily equate to quicker performance times. This is attributed to the performance gains throughout the entire RPM band, as opposed to simply peak power numbers that are typically advertised for marketing purposes.
     GIAC also performs all dyno testing on a load-bearing Mustang dyno. This is of vital importance because it better replicates real-world driving, as the forces placed on the wheels mirror that of a road. Many companies test without this load applied, which is the equivalent of allowing the wheels to simply spin freely with no real forces applied to them. While testing in this way will produce inflated numbers, it does not accurately reflect the power the vehicle makes in a real-world situation.
     Dyno plots of GIAC performance software versus stock are shown below. For more information and pricing, please click here. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment for a GIAC software upgrade!