2012 Volkswagen GTI

January 29, 2015 Emmanuele Design

March 27, 2014 - This Volkswagen GTI came to us looking for a pretty large overhaul. The customer was currently running a competitor's stage 2 software, and was unhappy with the power and driving characteristics. In addition, the car had to be towed to us after its aftermarket clutch failed after just 10,000 miles. After discussing options, we settled on the following:

- GIAC K04 Software

- CTS Turbo K04 Kit

- CTS Turbo Intake

- Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential

- Sachs Stage 2 Clutch & Flywheel

With these modifications, this GTI will put down over 360 horsepower and will have much better acceleration characteristics thanks to the limited slip differential.