2014 Audi S4

February 10, 2015 Emmanuele Design

December 10th, 2014 - This customer came to us looking for a sizable power increase on his new Audi S4. As we typically do, we recommended the GIAC/AWE Stage 2 pulley package. Featuring a smaller diameter supercharger pulley and the corresponding GIAC software, this package adds approximately 100 wheel horsepower. As this vehicle was a 2014 model year, the factory redline is only 6,200 RPM. With the efficient 3.0T engine, the car will continue making horsepower up to around 7,100 RPM. With the GIAC DSG software, not only is the clamping force of the clutch packs increased (allowing the transmission to hold more horsepower), but the redline is also raised. This allows the car to make an additional 20-30 wheel horsepower over a vehicle without DSG software.

Modifications installed:

- GIAC/AWE Stage 2 Kit

- GIAC S-Tronic Transmission Software