2015 Volkswagen GTI

May 23, 2015 Emmanuele Design

May 23, 2015 - While the MK7 GTI and 8V Audi S3 are somewhat similar in their layouts, we felt that we could definitely benefit in having a GTI project car. Certain differences in items like suspension, turbo and more made it necessary to have both vehicles for development. As the MK7 GTI had already been out for a few months, we were fortunate in that many of the modifications were already available. Our partners at GIAC had already made stage 2 software on their in-house GTI, meaning that we didn't have to waste and time with upgrades. Right off the bat, we installed GIAC stage 1 software and performed some Vbox testing to measure the differences. Our numbers recorded as follows:

0-60 MPH

Stock: 6.202 seconds

GIAC Stage 1: 5.004 seconds

0-100 MPH

Stock: 14.149 seconds

GIAC Stage 1: 11.255 seconds

Quarter Mile

Stock: 14.269 @ 99.609 MPH

GIAC Stage 1: 13.378 @ 109.107 MPH

These runs were performed on the same stretch of road, back to back. We simply flashed the car in between test runs and recorded the differences. After some seat time with stage 1, we installed the necessary components for stage 2:

- GIAC Stage 2

- CTS Turbo intake

- CTS Turbo downpipe

- CTS Turbo pulley

With these upgrades installed, we ran a 12.6 quarter mile at Famoso Raceway, trapping 110.77 miles per hour. Considering the temperature, we were pleased with this time although the car definitely has more in it. Some of our customers in cooler climates have broke into the 12.5's on GIAC stage 2, but right now we are limited by the factory DSG software.

Keep an eye on this post for more updates!




Update 9/8/2015

We had a chance to take the GTI back to the drag strip to attend the Red List "1320 Nights". While Bakersfield, CA in the middle of the Summer isn't the ideal conditions, we wanted to get some test runs in. Despite the less than ideal conditions (density altitude over 2000 feet), we bested our previous best time with a 12.554 quarter mile! We are running all HG-Motorsport/Bull-X hardware paired with GIAC software. We will continue to tweak a few things on the car and hope to improve upon these times in the Winter!

Mods are:

HG-Motorsport HF Intake

HG-Motorsport Intercooler

HG-Motorsport Catless Downpipe

HG-Motorsport Catback Exhaust

GIAC Stage 2 Software