2007 Porsche 911 Turbo

August 07, 2015 Emmanuele Design

August 3, 2015 - This customer came to us to resolve a few issues with his car, as well as to add a few more modifications. One of the complaints was poor idle quality, which we attributed to the aftermarket intake that was installed. Due to the MAF sensor location, the cone filters on the aftermarket intake were causing turbulent air around the sensors (leading to the poor idle quality). After swapping back to the stock unit, the idle was greatly improved.

The other concern was of a boost leak that had manifested itself a few times during dyno testing. We traced this down to the intercooler outlet coupler (and replaced the included clamps with a more robust design), as well as the factory intercooler "clamp" style connections. These connections use rubber o-rings that will swell over time due to the oil from the PCV system, leading to small boost leaks. We replaced all these o-rings as preventative maintenance.

On the performance side, we installed a B&M short shifter, Aquamist methanol injection system and turbo blankets. This car previously put down over 550 wheel horsepower using 65mm VTG turbos and stock injectors, so we're looking forward to seeing the performance with the new modifications!