B9 A4 Lowering Springs Are Now Available!

March 09, 2017 Emmanuele Design

We are pleased to release our lowering spring package for the 2017+ Audi A4 (B9). The B9 proved to be our longest development process yet, as we were tasked with a standard suspension vehicle with a sizeable wheel gap. Our goal going into development was to create an OEM+ level of drop, while maintaining a factory-like ride quality suitable for a daily driven vehicle.

We opted for a linear design, as this has not only worked very well for us on previous applications, but is also what the factory springs employ. Typically, we find that a linear spring pairs much better with factory dampers, and avoids the bouncing sensation that is common with aftermarket progressive springs. Another advantage to our linear spring is that none of the coils contact each other, ensuring noise free operation (as opposed to pops and other noises that can be caused by dead coils rubbing together).

Keeping our OEM+ goals in mind, we tailor our spring rates towards factory ride quality. With only a marginal increase versus stock, our springs will maintain a comfortable ride while limiting the stress placed on the factory dampers by overly stiff spring rates. 

Many will notice that our springs include updated bump stops. The bump stops are used heavily in the factory suspension tuning, with only limited suspension travel until the soft stops begin to engage. In order to maintain the stock characteristics, we spent a lot of time examining the factory bump stops, shock rod lengths and motion ratios. This allowed us to settle on a bump stop replacement that maintained adequate travel while still allowing the bump stop to engage when necessary. We also created very detailed measurements regarding how much the rear bump stops should be trimmed, dependent on application. Those interested in this information can check out our blog post here.

All of this comes together to create what we feel is the best lowering option for those looking for OEM+ drop and ride quality. For those who have never lowered a vehicle, or who've had poor experiences with lowering springs, we hope that we can redefine your expectations of what a lowering spring can and should be.