B9 S5 Featuring TurboSystems Stage 1 Hybrid Turbocharger

October 20, 2020 Emmanuele Design

20 October 2020 - With the success of the B8 S4 platform, many have been wondering what kind of power can be made on the newer B9 platform. Featuring a 3.0 liter turbocharged engine, the B9 model comes stock with 354 horsepower. While it took awhile to be able to flash the ECU, these cars can now be tuned and are making some impressive power!

This vehicle came to us looking to for more power than could be had with a stock turbo setup. For this, we turned to the TurboSystems Stage 1 hybrid turbocharger, which is an original turbocharger that has been reworked to suite a larger turbine and compressor wheel, along with a ball bearing center cartridge. The great thing about this turbocharger is that it accepts factory lines and surrounding accessories, meaning no special parts or added fabrication are required.

Along with supporting accessories from CTS Turbo and AWE Tuning, we also added a methanol injection kit as this customer is limited to 91 octane fuel. The methanol injection serves as an octane booster, while also helping with additional cooling. With all the hardware installed, we custom tuned the vehicle on our Mustang dyno with the help of Stertman Motorsport. After dialing in the fueling and boost profile, the final numbers came in at:

544 Horsepower

601 Lb. Ft. Torque

These numbers allowed us to put down some impressive performance times, measuring at:

0-60 MPH - 3.17 Seconds

1/4 Mile - 11.23@122.31

60-130 MPH - 9.57 Seconds