Built Motor RS3 With TTE777 Puts Down 643 Wheel Horsepower!

June 14, 2022 Thomas Emanuele

14 June 2022 - This customer brought his 2019 Audi RS3 to us as a Stage 2 car, looking to safely make more power with an engine build and larger turbocharger. The customer opted for the TTE777 turbocharger, as his current tuner (Unitronic) supported this setup and thus it was a pretty straight forward upgrade. We handled the installation of the turbocharger and supporting parts, along with the engine build. Parts list includes:

 - TTE777 turbocharger

 - I Beam Rods with Mahle pistons

 - Upgraded low pressure fuel pump

 - Upgraded MAP sensors

 - Reinforced flywheel

This car is still running the stock DSG clutches. With everything sorted out, we strapped the car to our Mustang AWD dyno for engine break-in and performance testing. The results were certainly impressive, with peak numbers of 643 wheel horsepower and 558 wheel torque! At this power level, we expect the customer to be able to go deep into the 9's in the quarter mile, with high 140's trap speeds.

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