European Car Tuner GP 2016 - Emmanuele Design B9 A4

November 18, 2016 Emmanuele Design

When European Car announced the Continental Tire Tuner GP for 2016, we knew we wanted to take out our new B9 A4. Putting in long hours the night before to make sure the car was ready to go, we were excited to get the chance to see what the car could do. We headed out early that cold morning to the Streets of Willow Springs International Raceway for raceday. When we arrived, we signed in and immediately began prepping the car for the day! Shortly after it was time to line up on the grid! Driving conservatively for the first few laps to get a feel for the car, we quickly began shaving off seconds on our lap times. While the car wasn't as modified as some of our competitors, it still put up a good battle. The handling of the car was much better than we originally anticipated. Overall, the car held up very well for the amount of stress we put onto it. We are looking forward to continuing the build, and competing in other events to see the improvements.


Spec List:

eMMOTION Rear Sway Bar

Neuspeed Power Module

Emmanuele Design 2pc Rotors

DPE Wheels

CTS Downpipe

Methanol Injection