Emmanuele Design S3 Sets New Quarter Mile Record!

December 13, 2015 Emmanuele Design

December 13, 2015 - On December 12th, we attended a drag racing day at Famoso Raceway (Bakersfield, CA). Armed with the new GIAC Stage 2 software and corresponding HG-Motorsport/Bull-X hardware, we were hoping to break into the 11's. The car did not disappoint, rattling off a 12.0 pass before making back to back 11-second runs. Our third run of the day netted our best result, an 11.896 ET with a 116.74 trap speed. Due to the amount of the cars at the event, we were only able to make 4 passes. GPS data taken from the run is also pictured below. The modifications on the car for this run were:

- GIAC Stage 2 Software
- Bull-X Decat Downpipe
- HG-Motorsport Intercooler
- HG-Motorsport Carbon Intake Kit
- CTS Turbo Blow Off Valve
- Emmanuele Design Lightweight Brake Rotors Front & Rear

Wheels used were SSR Type-C 17x8 mounted to MT ET Street tires, in 205 width. The passenger seats and spare tire were removed for the runs.

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