eMMOTION F80/F82 Lowering Springs Featured In 2017 European Car Tuner GP!

March 08, 2018 Emmanuele Design

March 8, 2018 - EMD Auto is no stranger to the European Car Tuner GP, having competed in both 2015 and 2016. When invitations came out for the 2017 event, we jumped at the opportunity to compete in the BMW-only field. Our natural choice of vehicle was a 2015 M4 (F82) that served as the development car for our eMMOTION lowering spring kit.

This particular vehicle featured our eMMOTION lowering spring kit, which utilizes a linear spring designed to maintain factory ride quality, along with a number of power upgrades including a VF Engineering Hex tune and charge cooler. With this rather simple modification list, our entry placed 2nd in the road course portion and 2nd in the dyno portion, bested only by an M4 with upgraded turbos, roll cage, adjustable coilovers and aero upgrades. 

Our driver for the event praised the EMD Auto M4, noting how composed the suspension felt throughout the course. The ability to easily find the limit of the chassis allowed the car to be pushed further without fear of a sudden loss of composure. The M3/M4 is a fabulous chassis from the factory, and our eMMOTION lowering springs serve as a great complimentary piece in both aestietics and performance.

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