eMMOTION Suspension Featured in European Car Magazine!

June 26, 2017 Emmanuele Design


April 2017 Issue

eMMOTION Suspension Components was featured in the April 2017 edition of European Car magazine, showing off our MK7 rear sway bar upgrade! This feature would just be the start of many more in the months following, and we are grateful from the support of the staff at European Car, and it's readers! Check out what they had to say about our solution to body roll on the MK7 on page 14!

"The people at Emmanuele Design want your MK7 Golf or GTI to handle better than it already does and has the proper rear anti-sway bar to do that very thing. The company's eMMOTION rear bar replaces the factory piece for an easy install and it's 22.2mm diameter and 520-lb-in spring rate means body roll's better contained and understeer's been eliminated. All necessary brackets and bushings are included, and the bar's been designed for street use, which means it's retained enough compliance for comfortable ride quality and predictable suspension behavior." European Car Magazine


May 2017 Issue

Our next feature is a recap of the Continental Tire Tuner GP 2016 at Willow Springs Raceway in California, where we put our B9 Audi A4 project car on the track and tested its capabilities. Turn to page 52 in the May 2017 issue and you can read all about our results, build list and obstacles we faced during the event!


June 2017 Issue

Our most recent spotlight in European Car Magazine showcases our eMMOTION Suspension Components linear lowering spring kit for the Audi B9 platform! Flip to page 22 of the June 2017 issue to check us out!

"Emmanuele Design says it's struck the perfect balance between sportiness and retaining Audi's superb ride quality with its all-new eMMOTION lowering spring kit designed for the '17 A4. The linear-rate springs reduce ride height by 1.6 inches in the front and rear, and feature stiffer spring rates for improved handling: 280 lb/in in the front and 315 lb/in in the rear. The stiffer spring rates help reduce body roll when cornering, help plant the chassis to the pavement during acceleration and braking, and yet, according to Emmanuele Design, do so without compromising ride comfort. Emmanuele Design's eMMOTION springs are made in the U.S. and were designed after countless hours spent behind the wheel of the company's own A4 test vehicle." European Car Magazine