A Closer Look: eMMOTION MQB AWD Rear Sway Bar Upgrade

May 31, 2017 Emmanuele Design

Let's break down what makes the eMMOTION Suspension rear sway bar upgrade a must have for your Audi A3/S3 and Mk7 Golf R! Designed to pair perfectly with a set of lowering springs, this bar will cut down body roll and give you more control over your steering. 

What is a sway bar? To put it simply, a sway bar, or anti roll bar, is a torsion spring that connects both wheels at opposite sides. It's job is to counter-act twisting force, and keep your wheels level while taking a corner. During a turn, momentum is pushing your vehicle to the outside of a corner, off of the preferred line, which results in scrubbing speed.

What's actually happening? While cornering, the shifting weight is lifting the inside wheel and pushing down on the outer wheel. With less weight on the inner wheel, you are losing the grip needed to get you through the corner efficiently. This is what causes understeer. With a factory sway bar this effect is more prominent. By increasing the stiffness of a sway bar, you are increasing the resistance of the inner wheel to lift during cornering.

What is the solution? The eMMOTION sway bar upgrade provides a 46% increase in stiffness when compared to the stock unit. A stiffer sway bar will provide a much more level body while cornering, and eliminate any delay when it comes to steering response. This gives you a greater sense of control, allowing you to corner at higher speeds. 

The 8V A3/S3 and Mk7 Golf R rear sway bar upgrade provides everything you need to take your handling to the next step. To compliment the rear sway bar, we also include the respective components. 

What's Included?

  • Sway Bar
  • Billet Brackets
  • Upgraded Bushings

Made in the USA, this full kit was designed and manufactured to maximize the results from a rear sway bay upgrade.


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