Our Shop Audi RS3 Puts Down 640 Wheel Horsepower!

March 30, 2022 Thomas Emanuele

30 March 2022 - We've had our shop Audi RS3 for a little over 2 years now, and after running on a stage 2 setup for awhile, we finally got around to finishing the built motor setup with a larger turbocharger. For this build, we opted for:

- IE Rods

- JE Pistons

- ARP Head Studs

- ARP Main Studs

- Vargas GC+ Turbocharger

- Upgraded Flywheel

While we normally use Mahle pistons for our builds, we were interested to try out the JE Pistons with their "Perfect Skirt" coating. Mahle is a great option, but will be noisier than OEM due to the expansion rates and piston to wall clearance. JE advertises that their pistons solve this issue, and in our experience thus far, they are definitely quieter (though still louder than an OEM piston). 

We also line bored the mains, as we prefer to do when time allows. The RS3 runs very tight main clearances, so this is a good opportunity to open them up to our specifications for a safer setup at this power level.

We decided to try out the Vargas GC+ turbocharger, as we have experience with most other hybrid and full frame options for this platform, and wished to get some exposure to something different. So far, the results have been promising as we are making around 640 wheel horsepower at 34 psi of boost. The turbo is a bit lazier than something like the TTE700 or TTE777, but top end power is much stronger.

Our next step is to upgrade some of the fueling components to support a higher boost level. 

Looking for more power on your RS3 or TTRS? We have experience with a multitude of setups, and can help you reach your power goals. Contact us today to discuss your options!