Product Release: Audi A4 Quattro (B9) Rear Sway Bar

February 24, 2017 Emmanuele Design

February 3, 2017 - Audi & Volkswagen vehicles are well known for their propensity to understeer. While this is fine for the non-enthusiast, those who are pushing their cars with spirited driving will no doubt reach the limit of the factory suspension tuning. This is where an upgraded rear sway bar will help immensely. By upgrading the rear sway bar with a more robust piece, the chassis dynamics will move further towards a neutral handling balance, even inducing oversteer if your throttle inputs dictate. For the performance enthusiast, this will manifest itself in more responsive turn in, reduced body boll and an overall more planted chassis. In our opinion, a rear sway bar upgrade is your best bang for the buck modification when it comes to suspension upgrades.

Our rear sway bar is made in the USA from solid spring steel, and is a carefully engineered piece with attention paid to every detail. The bar is CNC bent to the same curvature as the factory piece. Each bar is finished on a jig to ensure that the mounting points line up precisely with the factory locations. This ensures that the factory suspension geometry is maintained, meaning there is no added stress being placed on the bushings and no noises associated with suspension interference. We finish the sway bar with welded stop ends, which feature an offset curvature to ensure free rotation without interference.

Instead of using a typical stamped steel bracket, we machine entirely new brackets out of 6061 aluminum. Our bracket design is a result of CAD simulation with various amounts of mechanical stress. Each piece is finished in a stealth black anodized finish with our signature "e" laser engraved on the face.

To go with the sway bar, we also include our own bushings. Anyone who has used stiffer bushings is all too familiar with the creaks and squeaks that develop over time with polyurethane bushings. We pay particular attention to this detail, as our bushings employ unique interior grooves that serve to hold the lubrication grease under load. We also utilize a softer durometer, which will have less of a tendency to "squeeze" the grease out under load. Our brackets and bushings are designed in unison, ensuring proper fitment together, as well as against the subframe. 

Users will notice another unique feature on our sway bar package, which is our steel subplates. The factory subframe has a round void that accommodates the OEM round bushing. Our steel subplates properly bridge this void for our new bushings, allowing them to function exactly as intended. 

Rounding out the package is our upgraded bolts. Like the OEM bolts, they feature a flange head design which properly distributes torque while negating the need for washers. These bolts are slightly longer than the OEM bolts, allowing for proper thread engagement when combined with our brackets and subplates and are stronger than the factory bolts, with a tensile strength of 170,000+ psi. Each bolt is finished in a black oxide coating to maintain the stealth look, while resisting corrosion in all environments.

What does this all add up to? The most engineered sway bar package available for your B9 A4. We believe in no compromise solutions for daily driven vehicles, and our sway bar upgrade accomplishes just that.