Testing Stertman Motorsport Stage 2 E85 Software For 8V RS3 (DAZA)

May 26, 2020 Emmanuele Design

26 May 2020 - As the US partner of Stertman Motorsport AB, we have been working with them to continue development and testing for US market vehicles. One such vehicle is the Audi RS3 (8V). Currently we are testing the E85 software for vehicles with bolt-on hardware upgrades. For this tuning level, the following hardware is required:

 - Upgraded intake

 - Decat downpipe & midpipes

 - Upgraded intercooler

 - 980cc port injectors

Approximate power output with this setup is 600 BHP and 562 BTQ (measured on a Mustang MD150 AWD dyno). This vehicle is also running the Stertman Motorsport Stage 3 DSG software, which will improve shift times and increase clutch clamping force to handle the added torque.

For these runs, the rear seats and trunk tools are removed for weight savings.

0-60 MPH: 2.85 Seconds

Quarter Mile: 10.44@133.3 MPH

60-130 MPH: 7.15 Seconds

100-200 KM/H: 6.15 Seconds

This is a nice bolt on package which can be installed in one day, dramatically improving the performance output of the RS3 or TT-RS.