EGO-X 3" Catback Exhaust For Audi S3 (8V)


EGO-X 3" Catback Exhaust For Audi S3 (8V)

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The EGO-X exhaust is handmade in Germany using the highest quality materials and fabrication. Featuring 3" diameter piping, exhaust flow is maximized for both sound and performance. The EGO-X exhaust utilizes a robust pneumatic valve, which allows for a dramatic sound profile difference depending on the mode chosen. With the valve open, the exhaust will completely open up, with gases being routed entirely through 3" piping and only a single resonator to tailor the sound.

With the valve closed, the gases will route through an additional baffled chamber to keep sound to a minimum (over 10 dB less in most cases). In this instance, the EGO-X offers a true "Jeckyll & Hyde" personality.

The valve control is offered in multiple configurations:

 - Toggle switch (standard)

 - Remote control (open or close depending on button)

 - CAN-Bus control unit, allows operation through factory modes

The CAN-Bus unit is our most popular offering, and is recommended for a truly unique experience. This allows for a factory-like integration, but of course with a much improved sound profile. Phone app integration is also available soon, and is compatible with the CAN-Bus control unit.

$ 2,599.00