HG-Motorsport Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake For 8V RS3 & 8S TTRS


HG-Motorsport Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake For 8V RS3 & 8S TTRS

Made in Germany, this HF-Series intake is the result of years of experience and constant further development. The Air Box, as well as the Air collector are completely made of carbon fiber. This allows us to guarantee the highest tensile strength and stiffness. 4x as durable as aluminum, low-vibration and gas- and pressure-tight. Perfect for optimum fresh air supply.

The new feature: The air filter is installed transversely to the direction of flow. This ensures that the maximum air mass can be taken in. The development was completely made in our company. With elaborate 3D scans and flow simulations, we were able to create the optimum performance combined with an unrivaled intake sound.

This HFI Carbon Air Intake Kit is suitable for Audi RS3 8V with 367HP and 400HP, as well as for TTRS 8S models. Suitable for both stockvehicles and vehicles with uprated engines (ECU remapping). This Intake Kit replaces the complete original air filter box incl. the air collector and the intake pipe.

Note: Only fits up to 2018 model year due to diverter valve differences

incl. parts certificate according to German §19.3

Pipercross Air Filter: airflow of 540cfm


Filterlength: 230mm, upper diameter: 100mm, lower diameter: 150mm, connection diameter: 90mm

fits at:
Rs3 8V 367HP, Rs3 8V 400HP and TTRS 400HP

The facts at a glance:
- 100% in house development made by 3D scans and flow simulations.
- Genuine Carbon Air Box and Air Collector (handmade in Germany)
- 89mm intake pipe
- Air inlet over the entire width of the radiator support
- incl. special designed Pipercross Air Filter
- flow optimized
- maximum performance
- Improved Intake sound
- incl. German parts certficate according to §19.3
$ 1,199.00