HG-Motorsport High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Conversion


HG-Motorsport High Flow Turbo Outlet Pipe Conversion

The HG-Motorsport turbo outlet conversion is a complete upgrade for your restrictive stock pipe and turbo muffler delete. While there are many outlet pipe upgrades, most do not solve the massive restriction from the turbo muffler. The stock turbo outlet piping reduces to 36mm after the turbo, a bottleneck that is usually only marginally improved through piping alone. This kit includes not only a larger 60mm pipe, but a port matched turbo muffler delete and high flow silicone hose to remove the restrictive bend off the turbo. Other features include:

 - Made in Germany

 - Continuous 60mm diameter (stock pipe reduces as small as 36mm)

 - Includes turbo muffler delete with larger diameter than stock

Fitment for:

 - MK7 Golf 1.8T

 - MK7 GTI

 - MK7 Golf R

 - 8V A3

 - 8V S3

This kit is designed for the 6-speed manual & 6-speed DSG configurations. Does not fit vehicles with 7-speed DSG (DQ381).


$ 319.00