Stertman Motorsport ECU Software Upgrade For Audi RS4/RS5 2.9T (B9)

Stertman Motorsport

Stertman Motorsport ECU Software Upgrade For Audi RS4/RS5 2.9T (B9)

We are pleased to offer Stertman Motorsport performance software for your B9 RS4/RS5. With over 20 years of experience in tuning VAG & BMW platforms, along with advanced development and diagnostics equipment, Stertman Motorsport is one of the premier software tuners in the world. Each tune is developed and rigorously tested in house, both in a controlled dyno environment as well as on rolling roads.

Stock Power: 450 HP / 442 TQ

STM Stage 1: 500 HP / 585 TQ

STM Stage 2: 520 HP / 600 TQ

STM Stage 3: 600+ HP / 600 TQ

Stage 1 tuning is for vehicles that are otherwise stock, or with basic modifications such as air intake or catback exhaust.

Stage 2 tuning requires a decat or high flow downpipe, along with upgraded intake or air filter.

Stage 3 tuning requires the above as well as an upgraded turbocharger such as Turbo Systems hybrid.

Numbers quoted are for 91-93 octane pump fuel.

This is a complete ECU software upgrade, which will write modified tables for load, fuel, ignition, boost pressure and more. At this time, your ECU must be sent in to our facilities for tuning, or you can make an appointment to bring the vehicle to our location for dyno tuning. Typical turnaround on send-in ECU's is 1 business day.

$ 1,000.00