TurboSystems B9 RS5 2.9T Stage 1 Hybrid Turbocharger (700+ HP)

Turbo Systems

TurboSystems B9 RS5 2.9T Stage 1 Hybrid Turbocharger (700+ HP)

The Turbo Systems hybrid turbocharger is an original turbocharger that has been reworked to suit larger compressor and turbine wheels, along with a ball bearing cartridge. This is a plug and play solution using the stock exhaust manifold and other hardware. Capable of 700+ horsepower with supporting modifications. Tuning and installation is available, please contact us for more information.

You are purchasing a complete turbocharger, no core return is required. Price includes both turbochargers.

 Turbosystems upgrade turbocharger for AUDI B9 RS4 / RS5 features: 

  • dual ceramic ball bearing;
  • reinforced bigger machined from the solid compressor wheel
  • enlarged turbine wheel
  • refurbished housings
  • new shafts
  • balanced on VSR

 Power range: up to 700+ hp

Currently we are seeing 600+ horsepower on pump gas, with supporting modifications. With higher octane fuel and additional cooling upgrades, 700+ horsepower will be possible.

$ 4,799.00