CTS Turbo Volkswagen Golf R Catch Can Kit

CTS Turbo

CTS Turbo Volkswagen Golf R Catch Can Kit

CTS Turbo is proud to offer the premier catch can solution for the Golf R, Audi S3 and Audi TT-S with 2.0 TFSI motor.

The oil catch can is used prevent oil vapors entering the intake manifold and clogging up the intake valves on direct-injection motors. Oil deposits on intake manifold and valves cause reduced performance, bad fuel mileage and could damage the fragile intake “flaps” and motor. Kit Includes:

  • CTS Turbo billet aluminum valve cover breather – CNC machined for beautiful finish
  • CTS Turbo Billet aluminum catch can with billet oil-level dipstick
  • -10 AN Black-Series braided hoses
  • Oil catch can mounting bracket
  • Modular intake manifold plug
  • Hose-Wrangler clamp

Kit Fits:

  • 2012+ MK6 Volkswagen Golf R – North America
  • 2012+ MK6 Volkswagen Golf R – R.O.W.
  • 2007+ MK2 Audi TT-S
  • 2007+ MK2 Audi S3

All installation hardware is included.

Keep your Golf R running smooth, clean and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the PCV system on your car is now free of issues.

$ 399.99