Volkswagen MKVI GTI / GLI / CC / Beetle GIAC DSG Transmission Software


Volkswagen MKVI GTI / GLI / CC / Beetle GIAC DSG Transmission Software

GIAC offers transmission software to transform the shifting behavior of your Volkswagen 2.0 TSI. Benefits include:

- Faster shifts

- Modified launch control

- Activates launch control on vehicles without factory launch control

- Remapped sport mode with overheat protection

- Increased torque capacity

The transmission software is available in three stages:

Stage 1 - Ideal for the stock turbo vehicle that is mainly looking for improved shifting. Launch control is set at 3400 RPM.

Stage 2 - The same enhanced shifting benefits as stage 1, with the addition of increased torque capacity. Ideal for K04-upgrade vehicles, the stage 2 launch control is set at 3700 RPM.

Stage 3 - Stage 3 offers the fastest shifts that the DSG transmission is capable of, as well as customized launch control and rev limiters. In addition, clutch clamping force is greatly improved to support high torque levels. We have ran stage 3 DSG software on vehicles up to 500 wheel horsepower with stock clutch packs. Additionally, the GIAC GTI has well over 50 launches at 400 wheel torque, with zero clutch slippage.

Software is installed through the vehicle's OBDII port, so there is no need to remove the vehicle's mechatronic. Additionally, customers purchasing the DSG software with GIAC engine software will receive a $100 discount. 


$ 550.00