Audi Q5 3.0T GIAC Performance ECU Software Upgrade


Audi Q5 3.0T GIAC Performance ECU Software Upgrade

GIAC performance software helps you extract the maximum potential from your Audi Q5 3.0T. Power gains have been measured at:

- 108 wheel horsepower and 64 wheel torque on 91 octane

- Estimated crankshaft power output of 396 horsepower and 373 lb. ft. of torque

- No those numbers are not typos! Thanks to factory mapping that limits the Q5's power (compared to other 3.0T models), you are able to enjoy power gains of nearly 50%!

Additional performance gains will be seen with upgraded hardware, such as an upgraded intake filter. During dyno testing, we have seen as high as 10-12 wheel horsepower gains with an intake filter alone.

Price includes GIAC's on-the-fly switching options, in addition to a Flashloader handheld switcher. Switching modes included with software purchase include:

- Stock

- 91/93 octane performance

- 100 octane performance

- Valet mode

To view a demonstration of GIAC's Flashloader switching device, please view:

Also available is GIAC's bluetooth wireless switching device. This device replaces the wired connection to your OBDII port with a bluetooth dongle that pairs to your Android phone. 

Other benefits to GIAC performance software include:

- Improved fuel economy

- Improved throttle response

- Factory levels of drivability

Not local to Emmanuele Design? Mail us your ECU and we'll flash it same day and pay return shipping! We don't charge any labor fees on new flashes.

$ 1,199.99