Custom 55lb Injectors for GIAC E85 2.7T Software

EMD Auto

Custom 55lb Injectors for GIAC E85 2.7T Software

These custom injectors for your B5 S4 are a requirement to run GIAC's E85 file for K04/F21 turbos. 

These have the same body length as Green Giant injectors, and will be a drop in replacement for them. If you do not have Green Giant's, fuel rail spacers will be required.

Flow rates:

54.8 lbs/hr, 575 cc/min at 43.5 psi (3.0 BAR)
60.0 lbs/hr, 630 cc/min at 50.8 psi (3.5 BAR)
63.8 lbs/hr, 670 cc/min at 58.0 psi (4.0 BAR)

Dead Time (Latency): 0.596 ms at 14 volts at 3 Bar

Fuel Delivery: 4-hole fuel nozzle

Spray angle: 15 degrees - use for multi-valve engines.

Length: 3 inches, 74 mm

Body Diameter: 16 mm

O-rings: Top and bottom, 14.5 mm.  Fits US/Euro 14 mm bore fuel rails.

Resistance: 12.5 Ohms (high impedance)

The injectors incorporate a four-hole disc fuel delivery nozzle with a wide cone, 15 degree spray for superior fuel atomization.

$ 495.00